Cleanroom Peel-Off Sticky/Tacky Mat

Cleanroom Sticky Mat

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Cleanroom Peel-Off Sticky Mat/Tacky Floor Mat

Cleanroom Sticky/Tacky Mats are floor mats designed to capture dirt and dust from foot-traffic and equipment wheels before they enter the controlled environment. Each tacky floor mat contains 30 sheets of polyethylene with sticky top coat. Once the surface is contaminated and no longer tacky, the sheet is peeled away to reveal the next clean sheet. The mat is attached to the floor with an adhesive backing to eliminate movement once the mat is positioned. Each sticky mat has a corner tab numbered consecutively 1-30 to assure that only one layer is peeled off at one time.

Offered in standard 30-layer mats.
Available in 2 standard colors – blue, white and gray.
Available in regular sizes: 18″x36″, 24″x36″, 26″x45″.
Full Adhesive backing