Cleanroom Microfiber Strips Flat Mop

Cleanroom Mop

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Cleanroom Lint-Free Microfiber Strips Flat Mop

The stainless steel foldable mop frame is an innovative cleanroom mop frame. We use lint-free microfiber wipes as the mop strips to ensure no lint is left on your cleanroom floor.

1. Lint-free, ideal for use in a cleanroom Class 100-1000 (ISO 5-6) critical environment.
2. Rapid pickup of liquids and low particulate generation.
3. Effectively captures even minute particles in single pass.
4. Can be arbitrary 360-degree rotation, and conform to irregular surfaces.
5. Semi-open on the back of mop cover and easy to replace.

Mop rod: stainless steel
Mop stripes on pad: lint-free microfiber wipes
Available in sizes: 40x15cm, 60x15cm, 90x15cm