C4-C Woven Microfiber Blend Wipers

Polyester-Nylon Microfiber Blend Wipes

Textile No.

C4-C Woven Polyester-Nylon Microfiber Blend Wipes | Cleanroom Wipers

The blend of 70% polyester and 30% nylon yarns provides loipophilic property of polyester and hydrophilic property of nylon. The capillary effect of the dense construction provides a high level of water absorbency and superior wiping efficiency. This series of microfiber blend cleanroom wipers are optimally suited for scratch-sensitive surfaces as well as for fine cleaning of small components. The wipes can be manufactured up to Class 100. We have various weaving-pattern microfiber wipes as options.

Woven short filaments of polyester and nylon microfibers (70% Polyester/30% Nylon).
Low-elasticity, abrasion-resistance with good polishing capacity.
Laser or ultrasonic sealed edges ensure an ultra-low level of lint.
High absorptive capacity and rapid absorption rate.

Production process:
Laser or ultrasonic sealed edges ensure lowest lint.
Laundered with 18 MΩ pure water.
Packaged in class 10/1000 (ISO4/6) cleanrooms.
Professional static clean technology ensures the lowest containing of particles.

Double-chamber vacuum packaging. The outer chamber should be taken away before a pack of cleanroom wipers is brought in workshops.
Wrap the edges to the upper middle of wipers before wiping because the edges may damage the product surface to be wiped.
Do not cut any wipe by yourself because it will cause lints from the cut edge
Keep away from fire, and do not wipe high-temperature surfaces.

Product number: C4-C-9
Density: 105 g/m2
Size: 9″x9″
Packing: 100 pcs/bag
Weight: 532 g/bag

Product number: C4-C-6
Density: 105 g/m2
Size: 6″x6″
Packing: 100 pcs/bag
Weight: 234 g/bag

Product number: C4-C-4
Density: 105 g/m2
Size: 4″x4″
Packing: 425 pcs/bag
Weight: 422 g/bag

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