CJ-PS004 Knitted Polyester Swab

Knitted Polyester Swab

Part No.

CJ-PS004 Knitted Polyester Cleanroom/ESD Swab

Cleanroom and ESD-safe swabs are for precision cleaning, surface sampling, validation procedures, and the application of lubricants or other liquids within cleanroom and other critical contamination control environments.

CJ-PS knitted polyester swabs are made from cleanroom laundered knitted polyester. The 100% continuous-filament polyester substrate is thermally bonded onto the handle, sealing exposed edges for reduced fiber release and eliminating the need for adhesives. Polyester is soft and non-abrasive, making the swab good for sensitive surfaces.

The flat heads possess excellent solvent-holding capacity and durability. They are free from organic contaminants such as silicone, amide and phthalate esters, and features very low non-volatile residue (NVR), ion content and particle generation.

CJ-PS004 swab is designed as a general-purpose swab for cleaning surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. A small rigid handle and rigid core provide firm support and precise control.

Our standard cleanroom swabs are not electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe, but can be manufactured as requested as ESD safe swabs to protect ESD sensitive components from electrostatic discharge. ESD-safe cleanroom swabs enable ESD-safe swabbing of small static sensitive components where ESD events must be controlled.

1) Cleanroom laundered 100% continuous filament polyester knit head.
2) Free from silicone, amide and phthalate esters.
3) Low in particles, ion content and non-volatile residue.
4) Compatible with most common solvents such as IPA.

1) Cleaning with solvents such as IPA.
2) Cleaning, surface sampling and cleaning validation
3) Remove flux residues and excess materials.

Head material: cleanroom laundered knitted continuous filament polyester
Handle material: polypropylene
Total swab length: 93mm
Head length: 18mm
Head width: 6mm
Head thickness: 3mm
Handle length: 75mm
Handle width: 3mm
Handle thickness: 3mm
Packing: 500 pcs/bag

For general-purpose cleaning, please check our Polyurethane Foam Cleanroom/ESD Swabs.