T007 Cleanroom ESD/Anti-Static Pullover Hood

Cleanroom ESD Hood

Part No.

T007 Cleanroom ESD/Anti-Static Open-Face Pullover Hood

Cleanroom apparels are specifically designed to protect the process from the operative’s personal contamination. Our cleanroom ESD hoods are made of a specific anti-static fabric which is woven with continuous polyeser filaments and conductive fibres. The washable fabric allows the coveralls stand up to repeated launderings. These reusable garments reduce cost, provide comfort and durability, and are available in designs to meet most cleanroom applications, including static safety and cleanroom particle requirements (up to Class 10).

Reduces contamination in low lint and critical areas.
Manufactured and packaged in cleanrooms to prevent pollution from air.
Anti-static, static dissipative, silicone-free hood.
Elastic back or horizontal adjustment snap for contoured fit.
Soft and breathable fabric provides comfort.

Fabric conposition: continuous polyeser filaments + conductive fibres
Available in conductive intervals: 5mm stripe, 5mm grid, 2.5mm stripe
Type: open-face pullover hood
Feature: anti-static/static dissipative, launderable